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Polished Concrete

Polished concrete floors look great in any home or business.  Our high quality, polishing system helps reduce the need, for maintenance and is one of the most durable flooring options available. 

For our polishing system, we use specialized grinders, that are reinforced with diamonds, which get progressively finer as the polishing process is executed. The diamond bits gradually close the micro pores of the concrete surface, until a bright, reflective, and shiny surface appears. We perform this process until the desired aggregate exposure is attained.  This is followed with burnishing and applying a polish guard to the floor.  The finished product is an aesthetically attractive, and extremely durable high gloss floor, with essentially no maintenance.

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blaze pizza4.jpg


Our Concrete Stain products can be used on any concrete surface, polished or not.  The product is a semi-transparent, penetrating stain and it has optimum resistance to UV rays.  We have a variety of colors for customer choice and design.  This system makes for the perfect finish to your outdoor cement areas, but it is also, great for inside applications, as well. 

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Our Concrete Sealer is heavy duty and can be used in very high and heavily trafficked areas.  It is 100% UV stable and is highly resistant to contaminants and chemicals.  This product is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, and comes in matte or gloss.



Our TK-290 Concrete Treatment is a multi-substrate, salt and water repellent.  It was manufactured to protect concrete surfaces from environmental conditions such as freeze damage, scaling, surface popping and efflorescence.  It will also protect against salts, deicing agents and freeze thaw.  This product helps to ensure your concrete surfaces can have the longest life-cycle by preventing surface deterioration.

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