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Looking for a garage floor coating professional in Ankeny and central Iowa?

Call our concrete coating experts at Hensley Concrete Coatings today!

We offer both commercial and residential concrete coatings in Ankeny, IA and all of central Iowa!  Hensley Concrete Coatings ensures the best quality at an affordable price!  We are confident that we can satisfy our clients needs, regardless of poor concrete conditions, location, size and shape!

We provide a written, limited lifetime warranty on all our polyurea/polyaspartic coatings, which can be installed in only one day!

Living in Iowa, we have harsh winters!  Are you tired of seeing salt and other contaminants deteriorate the concrete in your garage?  Not only that, but the wear and tear that vehicles bring in and out every day.  And if you’re like us, you may happen to use your garage as an extra storage area or even strength training.  You may have large, heavy items in there such as, tool boxes, work benches and weight lifting equipment.  Moving those items around can scratch, spall and easily damage your concrete. 


Our polyurea/polyaspartic coatings can ensure increased durability, protection and expand the lifetime of your concrete!

Contact us today for a FREE quote on your NEW polyurea/polyaspartic garage floor coating!

What is a polyurea/polyaspartic coating & why do I need one?

Polyurea/Polyaspartic coatings are a type of resinous flooring that is able to be installed over existing concrete both indoors and outdoors. Both polyurea and polyaspartic are two-component materials that are considered “subgroups” of polyurethane.  Due to polyurea’s adhering tenacity, and the durability and UV stability of polyaspartics, these coatings make the perfect combination for our Full Flake Garage Floor Systems.  

Do your garage floors have a warranty?

All garage floors will include a "limited lifetime warranty" which includes manufacturer product warranties and our personal guaruntee.  These terms and conditions are included within our client contracts.

How do I clean my garage floor and will it be easy?

We advise all clients to use warm water and "Dawn Dish soap with a microfiber pad for easy, everyday care.  For "spring cleaning" we suggest, using "SimpleGreen", warm water and a shop broom, to help get winter's grime off the floor.  These floors always return to their "like new" state after a nice cleaning!


How do you prepare the concrete for the coating?

We begin every system with substantial preparation of the concrete.  To do so, we will use either our commercial size, Lavina grinder (800lbs) or our Blastrac shot blaster.  The current conditions of the concrete will determine the equipment used.  For instance, for concrete with little to no faults, we will use the Lavina, which has multiple diamond heads on the bottom.  In other circumstances, where the substrate may have significant spalling or pitting, due to salt damage, we would likely use the shot blaster, to ensure the cleanliness of these imperfections prior to patchwork.  Both methods will properly open up the concrete pores and allow for our base materials to soak deep within for an extensive bond.

Will you repair my concrete before coating it?

As we like to say, “If you think your floor is too damaged for a concrete coating, you may want to think again!”  We gladly provide free, on-site consultations to review and discuss your projects.  We’ve successfully restored many damaged substrates that people thought were irreparable and in doing so, saved them thousands of dollars that would have been spent on tear out, disposal and replacement of concrete.
We patch all spalls, cracks, and control joints (not to be confused with expansion joints) in garages prior to coating.

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