(Basic, Metallic, Flake, Quartz & Integral Cove)

Our Epoxy systems are seamless, resinous floor coatings, which are created with the use of polymers and hardeners.  The versatility of Epoxy enables this product to be used within many different flooring systems, such as, Metallic, Flake and Quartz.  This product provides exceptional durability while providing aesthetically pleasing features to functional flooring.


Our Metallic System is a seamless, resinous flooring system, that retains a genuinely unique, 3D appearance.  Depending upon our strategic, artistic design techniques and capabilities, the customization opportunities are endless with these floors.  These are great for any residential or commercial area, where a durable yet, elegant floor is desired.

Full Flake

Our Full Flake Flooring Systems consists of multi-colored resin chips rooted in a pigmented basecoat of Epoxy and sealed with either an Epoxy or Polyaspartic topcoat.  The colors and size of the chips can vary from ¼”, to 1/16”, as desired.

Partial Flake

Our Partial Flake Flooring Systems consists of multi-colored resin chips scattered throughout a pigmented coat of Epoxy.  The color options of the ¼” chips are endless.  These floors are great for low foot traffic areas, such as a storage/ utility room.


Quartz is a decorative seamless flooring system, comprised of a quartz sand and calcium carbonate.  Quartz is one of the most naturally, hard materials on Earth.  This is a great flooring solution for commercial spaces that receive high amounts of vehicle and walking traffic.  This product is the most durable flooring in our trade.  It provides exceptional abrasion and slip resistance.